Carpet Repair Tips

2 Different Cases When Carpet Repair is Required

Have you chosen a carpeted flooring because it’s cheaper and easier to install? Have you realized the challenges you have to face when it comes to maintaining it? There is a big difference maintaining a hardwood and carpeted flooring. With a simple sweep and mop, your hardwood floor would look great while carpet cleaning involves difficult steps to get the work done. However, carpet flooring has its advantages. DIY hardwood repair is nearly an impossible task while a carpet repair can be an easy home project provided you know how to get the job done.

Surface stains and burns

This carpet repair case is a super easy to fix. You just need small scissors or even a nail clipper to carefully trim the stained and burned ends of the carpet. Remember not to cut too much or too deep into your carpet or it would end up like it got a bad haircut. If the mark is too deep, look for carpet fibers to replace the damaged area. Replacement pieces cut in the shape of a triangle or circle are less noticeable than when they are shaped like squares and rectangles.

Crushed carpet

Heavyweight on your carpeted flooring may cause your carpet to look deformed and flat. Simply spray water on the crushed area and use a hair dryer to dry it up while brushing the fiber up with your hand.

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